How To Make Your Website Work

Looking for the answer on how to make your website work?

The most frequently asked question I receive is “how can I make my website work for me and my business?”

Frequently small business owners seem disillusioned with their websites.

Brace yourself – I may be about to break some bad news. You may not want to hear this. Or you may already know this.

There is no magic wand. There are no well-hidden secrets, tricks or hacks. As with much in life, you get back what you put in.

When the internet was a new phenomenon, just having a website could potentially be a money-spinner. It wasn’t a crowded space. Today not having a website isn’t an option for any small business – it’s matter of course and crucial. Of greater importance is having a website that is mobile responsive as customers move from the PC to searching on the go. Another important element is having a blog within that website, and using it.

So what is the answer? You need to spend. Either money or time – or a combination of both to varying degrees on how you wish to approach it.

There are different strategies that can be used to climb the ranks in search engines. Which you choose depends on what you are looking to achieve and what you are prepared to invest.

The strategy Wright Marketing Media specialises in is organic growth. Through content creation and blogging good (and sustainable) results can be achieved. When I decided to start offering my services the inspiration was to educate small business owners on the importance of having good content on their website, updating it regularly and networking virtually (and through social media) to build a loyal and strong readership and client/customer base.

how to make your website work

Sitting here sipping my ginger tea and blogging away

I am a blogger myself and have over 5 years experience. I generate sponsorship  income through my blog and am compensated writing articles for other websites.

If you’d like to learn how good content can make your website work then please do get in touch for an informal chat.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this informative blog post about the benefits of business blogging.

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