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Let's firstly look at the difference between brand identity and brand image - as these two are frequently confused: What is brand identity? Brand identity is internally driven and is how a brand wishes to be perceived by stakeholders. A brand's identity consists of what it says about who the brand is: the product the service the proposition the value/quality of the offer its competitive advantage The components of any brand are created by an organisation [...]

Facebook for your business

Question: "Do you rely solely on Facebook for your small business?" If you do, I understand why you may be. Genuinely. Without a doubt, the main reason I am told that small business owners do not have a website is because they feel that it is too costly and that investment is out of their control. [...]

In fact, let's talk specifically about 'depth not width' when it comes to social media. How many Facebook followers does your business page have? a) 100 b) 1000 c) 10000 What percentage of those Facebook followers do business with you? a) 1% b) 10% c) 100% What percentage of those followers bring business to you? a) [...]

The most frequently asked question I receive is "how can I make my website work for me and my business?" Frequently small business owners seem disillusioned with their websites. Brace yourself - I may be about to break some bad news. You may not want to hear this. Or you may already know this. There is [...]

On the 15 July 2015 I will be running the first 'What are you waiting for?' session. The session is a combination of business coaching, networking, support and socialising. It is specifically for women running their own business. What you can expect: 2 hours of general business discussion and advice, specifically geared to your business. [...]

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